Why US?

Why should you have a website from us?

Ascent Infosys is a professionally managed company which specialised in digital marketing. We provide all the necessary software,tools for your online business; your requirements like professionally managed websites, blogs, article writing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), E-commerce websites, E-commerce software requirements, Accounting Software, Store and Stock Management, Shipment and Tracking, SMO, CLOUD, web analytics, M-Commerce (Mobile friendly websites). We also provide the best backup service for your computers, laptops, tabs,mobile phones etc.

Link your website with your bank account, PayPal, Payoneer, etc.

Our Specialities

Interactive Websites & Blogs (Communicative Websites & Blogs)

We provide fully integrated, communicative and fully automated websites for your business.
Websites provided by us are studded with unique features which will provide a cutting edge over your competitors. We provide you the best professional website whereby you can stand apart from the crowd. We provide a fully integrated internet marketing tools/ software programs like:
Auto Responders/ Forwarders
Auto Prospecting System
Video Email System
Video Producing and Uploading facilities
Video Conferencing (Live Telecasting Rooms)
Online Marketing Training
Blog Marketing Strategies
Traffic Generation Strategies
Local Business Promotion strategies
A most efficient and affordable Backup Cloud Computing Service
Email accounts from your website
Web Host Manager
WordPress the world famous blogging platform

What is an Auto Responder (E-responder Pro.)?
Auto Responder is the software created to make email marketing easy. Auto Responder collects all the necessary details about your potential customers who visit your site and follows them automatically. It’s a robust Auto- Responder and bulk email tool. With E-Responder Pro you can create, send and track your email messages.

Are you tired of web hosting companies that can’t get your bulk email delivered? Or perhaps, like most hosting companies, they shut you down when you try to email your contact list?

Here at Ascent Infosys not only do we welcome responsible bulk mailing, we actually provide you the tools.

We have partnered with a premier Web Hosting Company with over 12 years experience, that owns its own data centre, every software,OFC etc.

We are internet marketers first and we know that the money is in your legitimate double opt in contact list.

Here is what you can do with our Auto-Responder Service

Create groups/campaigns

Send in HTML or Plain Text

Easy to use HTML editor

100% deliverability

Personalise messages with custom fields

Ultra Fast mail sending

Unlimited Follow-Ups

Professional forms to choose from

Send single messages

Timed/ scheduled sending of emails

Powerful subscriber filtering and sending

Unsubscribe function

Daily activity report

Advanced click tracking and reporting

Bounced message handling
What does this mean for you?

Blogger Builder.

With Blogger Builder it’s a quick way to get started!

Easy to use site Blogger Builder

Tied into WordPress

Stunning WordPress themes

Unique Web Designs

100’s of headers based on all Local Market’s

Shoot video in EasyVideoProducer and with one click get that video live on your blog

We Create Blogs/mini websites for local businesses

Easy Video Producer.

In today’s social media marketplace everyone deserves to have videos on their web site. Video converts sales 3 times better than ad copy alone.

That is why we Provide Easy Video Producer. This tool allows you to put professionally designed videos onto your web site. We have integrated video uploading facility with your website.

Record easily with a web cam

Select from audio only or both audio and video

Create your own titles, description and key words

Over 100 Easy to use Professionally designed templates

Easily Upload in minutes

Record with camcorder and upload

Video Conference.

A full audio and video communications tool! Use the presentation mode while running video and audio. Complete desktop sharing capabilities. Record your session with the click of a mouse and so much more. This is a must for anyone doing business online or working long distance. Open up your market on a global scale. Keep your team leaders, customers, business associates and members informed and on the same page. Help your children with homework while away to University or College. Talk and see your grandchildren grow up who live hundreds of miles away. Stay on top of your life and on top of your business with GVO Conference!

500 seat room

Full video and audio

Presentation Mode

Desktop Sharing

File Sharing

Password Capabilities

Fully customisable

Incredible Moderator/Owner Controls

Upgrade to 500 Seat Room

Prospecting System.

Are you unsure on how to create a lead capture page that converts into leads and ultimately buyers? Maybe you do not know html, css, ftp, web design or other components needed to create a great lead capture and online presence.

Do NOT worry! Our Prospecting system is professionally designed and ridiculously simple to use. We guarantee that you will be able to use our lead capture system, with just a few clicks of a mouse, to build a massive email contact list.

You see, we wanted to create a truly turnkey system that integrated seamlessly with our bulk mailing software. It’s fine and handy to have a bulk mailer, but you must have a front end professionally designed system that will convert your visitors into leads.

How is this different than a regular “lead”? This is the best contact you could want because they fill out YOUR form and expect to be contacted by YOU. So it is not a “lead” at all. It is a warm contact making this a system that is fool-proof and completely automated. This automated system gives a human touch to marketing. Real offers coming from real people are what folks are always looking for.

The only difference between success and failure online is the size of your leads list also known as your email marketing list. Our prospecting system in combination with our bulk mailing software will build your list in the thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands.

Professionally Created Custom Video Lead Capture Pages

Ad copy Written for you

Sense of Urgency “Take Action” Content

Brilliant Colours

Connected to your Auto-responder

Multiple Templates to choose from

Simple to set up

WinTech Academy.

WinTech Academy is created for you! To be Successful in anything, you must learn from successful people! Successful people are all always learning and are ready to spend money on their personal development.
WinTech Academy, you’ll get the necessary training at a reasonable charges.

Master internet marketing from the bottom-line basics to the latest advanced secrets. WinTech Academy and its incredible group of instructors, will coach you right at your computer through live workshops, streaming videos, and Q&A sessions.

Think of what your life would be like today if you had a business minded mentor or marketing mentor when you were growing up. Someone to guide you, teach you, and lead you on the right path to financial independence. Well now you have many.

Expert Instructors/Coaches

Train from the comfort of your home

Save thousands of hours trying to learn on your own

Webinar Classroom setting – Conference Room

Follow the Instructors – Desktop Sharing